About Me

"Jack of all trades, Master of none." This was a phrase someone used to describe me during a time that I was struggling with my clarinet lessons. At the time, I took it as a deep insult and it wounded me emotionally. I now wear that phrase with pride. What I used to think was my weakness I have come to know as my strength. Dedicated clarinetists are a dime a dozen. I may never be the principal clarinetist in the New York Philharmonic, but I have a gift that person will never have. I am almost equally skilled in three woodwind instruments. I can play not only the clarinet, but I can also play the flute and the saxophone. And not only can I just play a few lines with a mediocre tone quality like many woodwind doublers and pit musicians, I can perform rigorous solo repertoire on all three instruments. And many people have a hard time deciphering which one is my primary instrument. I have further expanded those skills to include the auxiliary army within those instruments and I intend to continue expanding. So I move to amend that initial phrase that I am the

"Master Noelle of all trades."

I also have many other passions, and I have begun to incorporate them in to my career as a musician as well. In a solo recital that I gave in 2012 entitled "Journey through the Woods", I utilized the painting seen at the bottom that I created specifically for that themed recital, poetry (including one that I also wrote myself), and special costuming. In the future, I have many other ideas for how to incorporate other interests of mine in to my performances. 

I am a highly creative person in all that I do. While I feel a bit stifled in the music genre, due to my highly classical stylized training, I have even begun to work through that. I recently composed a short, two-verse tune for stage play that had lyrics in the script, but no melody. I also sing. I have won some karaoke competitions. I am beginning to push my musical envelope so that I can diversify as much as possible. I have an extremely creative mind and am always coming up with new ideas, some times a tad eccentric, in every corner of my life. I am a fast learner and am confident I could pick up most anything very quickly. I welcome most opportunities, even if they are outside of my comfort zone and what I am most trained in.

As an instructor, I weave my love of the social sciences and research in to my lessons. I have a very unique approach to each individual student and my background in psychology and social sciences provides a completely different analytical perspective and insight in to a student's learning style and the way that I work with each of them. It also permits me to be more in tune with the student's emotional capacity and to sense their mental health needs, which in this era is becoming an increasingly more important issue each day.


I have also learned so much myself from my students, that I am in the midst of a research project and idea development that I believe can revolutionize the learning process in the future and also enhance the propensity for better accuracy for professionals in music as well.

My ideas are endless. If only I had enough time in the day...

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